Board of Trustees

Our devoted Board of Trustees volunteer their time, bringing a wealth of governance experience and expert professional ability to govern the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust. The community can be assured of sound leadership, transparency and conservative application.

Bryce Barnett


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Evan Cottam


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Peter McDonald


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Fiona Greenhill


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David Wickham


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Operational Crew

Our Crew are dedicated to ensuring rescue operations are ready to go if an emergency or accident occurs in the Taranaki region. The crew spend many hours training to coordinate life-saving missions, sometimes in extreme climate conditions, and are 100% committed to providing a rapid response rescue service.

Andy Cronin

General Manager / Crewman

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Stephen Beck

Base Manager Pilot

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Mike Parker


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Sarah Sharp


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Jayden Strickland


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Michelle Zehnder

Administration Manager

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Marie Manley


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Maurice Betts

Community Liaison

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Volunteer Crew

Our dedicated team of volunteers are spilt into two groups, marine and alpine, both with equal amounts of dedication, passion and experience to assist the crew on missions. Our volunteers are experts in their fields and train hard, whilst balancing their day jobs.

Marine Crew

Nathan Zieltjes

Marine Team

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Mike Melody

Marine Team

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Sean Zieltjes

Marine Team

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Myken Hurley

Marine Team

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Alpine Crew

Mike Johns

Alpine Team

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Jeremy Johnston

Alpine Team

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Grant Upson

Alpine Team

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Jeremy Beckers

Alpine Team

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Vaughan Smith

Alpine Team

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Peter Lethbridge

Alpine Team

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