A year in missions: 1/06/22 – 31/05/23

Between 1 June 2022 and 31 May 2023, the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter crew responded to 306 missions across our region – from New Plymouth to Hawera and everywhere in between. This included 154 emergency and medical events, 114 inter-hospital transfers allowing patients to receive the hospital care they required, and 27 search and rescues.

All of these missions ensured people within our community were able to receive life-saving care when they needed it most. You never think it’s going to happen to you, but emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. What happens in the minutes after makes all the difference and our crew is ready to provide rapid response in timecritical situations 24/7, 365 days a year.

Each and every year the number of people needing our life-saving service is steadily increasing – over the last five years we’ve seen a 57% increase. Alongside this, the cost of providing this free-of-charge
service is also rising.

On average, each mission costs $12,000. This includes our helicopter, maintenance, fuel, a full-time crew, critical care flight paramedics, and life-saving medical equipment.

Your donations help us keep us in the sky. Whether you donate $5 or $1000 – know that you are valued member of team Taranaki and we appreciate your generosity.

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