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TSB Bank

An icon in the Taranaki region, the TSB Bank has been a long-time supporter of the rescue helicopter. From funding support to staff attending our open days, they’ve been with us every step of the way!


TET (Taranaki Electricity Trust) provides a very significant amount of funding each year towards operational requirements such as helicopter maintenance, mechanical and equipment upgrades and other critical operational components.

TOI Foundation

Each year the TOI Foundation has supported the rescue helicopter service with operational funding, providing the Trust with funds towards keep the service in the air and available for everyone in the community.


Being socially responsible of the community it operates in is what drives Methanex to sponsor the rescue helicopter. With an injection of funding every year the partnership is mutually beneficial, promoting health, wellbeing and safety to both organisations.


Supporting the community with funding from their gaming venues is the role and purpose of NZCT.  TRHT is very appreciative of NZCT’s significant contributions towards operational expenses.

Taranaki Civil Construction Limited

Incorporated in 2004, Taranaki Civil Construction is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of roading, drainage, earthworks and chip sealing in the Taranaki region. The company prides itself on being a local, family orientated company that contributes to the livelihood of the community it is a part of.

New Plymouth District Council

Supporting TRHT each year with an allocation of funding, the Council has been a long time supporter.  Funding has gone towards crew training which must be done in the environments with which they work – mountain, sea, winch, night, etc.

Wood Group Training

The good people of Wood Group Training provide our operational and volunteer crews with HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) as well as health and safety support services and training every year.

Taranaki Daily News

The Taranaki Daily News is our portal to communicate to our supporters, followers and community at large. Providing support by way of newspaper editorial, promotional advertising and an awesome digital sign outside their building!

Hyundai Energy City

In 2015 the Trust received a fantastic new Hyundai i35 from Hyundai Energy City.  The vehicle means that the crew and administration staff can move about the city with ease – and if an emergency occurs that they can respond and be noticed.

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The creative people at iStudios have designed and constructed this website! Providing production, hosting and support services for our digital promotional channels iStudios are enormously helpful!

South Taranaki District Council

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