August Missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over August.

Date Time Location Details
9  August 9:42 Te Wera Male transported to Taranaki Base Hospital, suspected cardiac event.
9 August 15:31 Turoa Male airlifted off Turoa skifield with spinal injuries, transported to Waikato Hospital.
10 August 11:57 Retaruke Airlift patient with serious foot injury to Waikato hospital.
15 August 7:53 Tongaporutu Airlift one person as a result of a car accident to Taranaki Base Hospital.  Taupo Rescue Helicopter also responded and airlifted another patient.
15 August 10:02 Waverly Logging accident, patient airlifted with fractured pelvis and and femur.
17 August 13:32 Whakapapa Airlift male who fell during skiing.
20 August 12:10 Auckland Transport infant to Auckland Starship for urgent crticial specalist care.
21 August 12:45 Ohawe Respond to Ohawe to male who had fallen from ladder with suspected back injury.
24 August 13:35 Mokau Respond to Mokau to rugby player, airlift to Taranaki Base Hospital.
25 August 16:44 Turoa Respond to injured person at the skifield.
30 August 23:16 Waikato Hospital Transfer patient to Waikato Hospital for urgent specialist treatment.

Photo supplied by Cameron Burnell, Taranaki Daily News.