Boxing Day beach rescue

Boxing day beach rescue

Thanks to your support, Corey Proffit got the help he needed.

Corey Proffit has many childhood memories of summer holidays at his family’s beach house in Mokau, but his latest memory is one he’d rather forget. On Boxing Day last year, Corey was riding his dirt bike when he hit soft sand and crashed.

“I don’t remember too much about what happened next. I was knocked out for a little bit, but when I came too I had pain all up my right leg.”

The 18-year-old builder’s apprentice from New Plymouth had fractured and dislocated his ankle and was in need of medical help.

“My mum is a volunteer ambulance officer, so she called 111 and the rescue helicopter was despatched. Three crew arrived and gave me pain killers while they relocated my ankle.”

Recovery has been slow but after three-and-a-half months off work, he’s now back on the building site and his dirt bike.

He’s since had the opportunity to visit the rescue helicopter hangar and thank the crew for their support.

“They provide a great service. My family are FRIENDS of the Rescue Helicopter Trust and it’s something I’d definitely recommend others sign up to. You never know when you’re going to need it.” Corey Proffit