Chairman’s 2015 Message to the Community

As a non-profit organisation, every year brings with it many challenges, both financial and operational. But as I begin to look back over 2014, several things stand out, in particular your support.
It’s simple. The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust couldn’t continue the life-saving work it does without the support of FRIENDS, corporate sponsors, community members, staff, volunteers and their families. On behalf of the Trust, I want to say we are truly grateful to every single one of you who supported us in 2014.
Over the last 12 months we have seen a rise in emergency response work and an increase in the number of high-level missions our crew has undertaken.  Many of these, such as the Scott Donaldson recovery mission, received great coverage and support from our media partners, in particular the Taranaki Daily News and the NZME. These rescue and recovery missions cement the very real need for the TRHT’s service in the Taranaki community and just how vital your support continues to be.
On a financial note, this year has been very successful in raising capital to fund major maintenance items on the helicopter. These are required for regulatory reasons. In 2014, we needed to replace both engines and the tail rotor gear box, which cost in excess of $1.2million.
Thanks to your generous support and that of our key sponsors, this maintenance was achieved and our aircraft now has another 4,000 flying hours before any more major work is required. However, this does not cover the unexpected or regular servicing and parts replacement that are required in the interim period, which is why we must now focus on rebuilding our contingency fund for the future. We must also be mindful of provisioning for future replacement.
This year we farewelled crewmen Jayden Strickland and Phil Dwyer and welcomed Andy Cronin and Ben Wallbank. We also celebrated the arrival of the youngest member of the TRHT team, with the birth of a wee boy for Andy and his family.
As the festive season descends upon us, I would like to wish you a very safe and happy holiday season. Take care on the roads as you drive to see loved ones and ensure a safe environment for your chosen recreational pursuits.
On behalf of all the TRHT trustees and their respective wards, thank you for your unwavering support in 2014. We look forward to working with you and for you in the New Year.
Season’s greetings and best wishes,
Bryce Barnett
Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust