Chairman’s Report Dec 2015

It is hard to believe that we are so close to the beginning of the festive season and 2016. The team at the Trust have had an extremely busy year with the number of missions completed to date having already exceeded those in the 2014 year.

Our statistics show that our service is more in demand over the holiday season and the summer period.   Once again, we are very appreciative of all the sponsorship support and relationships that we have with corporates and trusts who assist us to continue to provide the level of service that is needed, and now expected, within this wonderful province. A special thanks to Obertech for bringing all their 70 staff on board as “Friends”. We would encourage other companies to do the same and our team would be more than happy to meet your personnel on the premises just to explain a little about the operation of the Trust and the benefits of the “Friends” membership. Thanks once again Obertech for not only encouraging your staff but also to provide an example for others in the Taranaki province to follow – well done as an industry leader!

It is acknowledged that the rural sector is suffering at present and this is noted as we strive to maintain a level of public support in these regions. I would like to remind you that no matter what the economic situation is, we are there for you and do appreciate every bit of support that you can offer.

We are looking forward to 2016 as we at the Trust now have, in our mind, developed a very economic sustainable model providing we still get our loyal support to ensure that this service becomes part of the fabric of the Taranaki environment. We still need your support and do appreciate it.

We wish all our supporters a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016, however please remain safe over the holiday period but we will be there for you and your friends.

Thanking you once again.
Bryce Barnett
Chairman and fellow FRIEND