A spine tingling rescue

TRHT Horse Accident

A spine-tingling rescue

When Rebecca Hopkins was thrown off her horse, she needed to go to Starship Children’s Hospital. Thanks to your support, she made it there.

Tuesday 8th March was an ordinary day for Rebecca Hopkins. That is, until the 14-year-old’s horse bucked during a jump, leaving her with no feeling in her legs and needing a rescue helicopter flight to Starship Children’s Hospital.

“I was at a twilight riding session at the Waverley Pony Club with my horse Paikea when she bucked going over a jump,” explains Rebecca. “I landed on my head and couldn’t move my back or feel my legs, I also kept going in and out of consciousness. It was pretty scary.”

St John Ambulance was first on the scene but when it was evident Rebecca needed to be taken to Starship, the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter was called.

“I don’t remember being transferred from the ambulance into the helicopter but I do remember the flight,” Rebecca says. “It was very loud, but the crew were great. They explained everything they were doing so I didn’t feel scared. We had to stop at New Plymouth to refuel then we carried on up to Auckland.”

Rebecca was in Starship for one week and has since regained full movement in her back and legs. “I still get a really sore spine but I’m back riding,” she says. “I just haven’t tried any jumps yet.”