February missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over February.

Date Time Category Location Details
1 February 15:08 Ambulance Whangamomona Pick up patient from Whangamomona Hotel and airlift to Taranaki Base Hospital.
2 February 13:21 ACC Strathmore Motorcyclist accident, airlift patient to Taranaki Base Hospital.
2 February 15:31 ACC Kakaramea Female pinned under three wheeler motorbike, airlifted to Wangnaui Hospital.
9 February 17:01 ACC Mokau Retrieve male from Seaview Beach at Mokau, due to a near drowning.  Read more here.
10 February 7:45 Ambulance Hawera Retrieve child from Hawera who had respiratory complications.
12 February 16:10 ACC Waikato Hospital Transfer infant to Waikato Hospital as a result of serious burns.
13 February 11:30 ACC Waikato Hospital Transfer burns patient to Waikato Hospital.
13 February 13:36 TDHB Taranaki Base Hospital Transfer patient from Waikato Hospital to Taranaki Base Hospital.
15 February 15:27 ACC Tokirima Retrieve two patients, Stat 1 & Stat 2 and airlift to Waikato Hospital.  Head collison between two vans, 21 people.  Read the news article here.
15 February 19:23 ACC Aria Truck rollover, retrieve patient and airlift to Taranaki Base Hospital.
18 February 12:32 Ambulance Awakino Respond to Awakino, female with severe chest pain.
19 February 16:22 Ambulance Hawera Airlift person to Taranaki Base Hospital.
19 February 16:22 Ambulance Pirirangi Motorcyclist off road, airlifted to TBH.
22 February 10:00 Ambulance Kapuni Retrieve male from Fonterra Kapuni with amputated fingers, airlifted direct to Waikato Hospital.
23 February 9:25 Ambulance Mt Taranaki Winch female off mountain, suffering fractured ankle, transport to Taranaki Base Hospital.
24 February  14:22 ACC Rawhitoria Retrieve 17 year old with compound tibia having bounced incorrectly on pool dive board.  Airlift to Taranaki Base Hospital.
26 February 14:44 ACC Waikato Hospital Transfer male to Waikato Hospital for specialist plastics treatment.
27 February 9:52 Ambulance Ahtiti DOC worker fallen ill, airlift to Taranaki Base Hospital.
27 February 18:14 Ambulance Toko Two Persons injured in a quad bike accident, both airlifted to Taranaki Base Hospital.