From the hangar to the board table – Welcome back Andy Cronin

Andy Cronin

There is a new face on the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust. But it’s a familiar one.

Andy Cronin spent six years working for the service as a crewman, including four as the general manager, before leaving to take up a fresh challenge with Wild for Taranaki, the country’s first regional biodiversity trust in February 2020.

Four months later he is back with the service but this time as a Trustee and is looking to bring his previous experience working on the helicopter to the board table.

“I’m humbled to join such a great group of trustees and looking forward to learning from the other trustees and continuing to serve Taranaki.”

The switch from paid employee to Trustee hasn’t been a difficult one, with extensive involvement in Surf Life Saving as well as volunteering with the marine team before starting as a fulltime crewman in 2014.

“I was a volunteer before I was an employee, and it’s nice to return to the service albeit in a different role and continue to have an opportunity to give back to the community,” says Andy.

Experience in the Rescue Helicopter will give Andy a slightly different perspective to his fellow Trustees, but he is looking forward to a similar spirit of collaboration he enjoyed before.

“Hopefully it means I can make a practical contribution to an already great group of people. The Trust already has a range of different skills and perspectives, and I’m just another one of those.” Perhaps more than others Andy knows the importance of maintenance of the aircraft.

“As General Manager I was across most parts of the operation, but I was working in the business and not on the business.” Since commencing his role as General Manager with Wild for Taranaki he has been concentrating fully on his new challenge and will continue to do so with additional responsibilities as a trustee with great personal development opportunity.

“Both roles are actually complimentary in terms of their values and relying on community engagement and operating on limited resources, and both are important for a vibrant Taranaki region.”

Andy commenced with the Trust in June 2020.