Horizon Energy

TRHT Sponsorship

The distinctive yellow and black of the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter means our rescue team is instantly recognisable, but next time you see the helicopter, take note of the logo on the nose cone. In recognition of the support from our $2,000+ corporate supporters, every three months a different supporter is profiled on the nose cone. Earlier this year, Horizon Energy Services proudly led the way. Paul Garrett, Managing Director of Horizon Energy Services Ltd said: “Horizon Energy Services have been a proud sponsor of the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust for nine years. With many of our personnel working in remote areas, the rescue helicopter is a great fit for us sponsorship wise, and we love supporting such a vital community service. The Horizon team were lucky enough to be invited to check our branding on the helicopter nose up close recently, with a guided tour of the hanger, helicopter and facilities. It was an incredible experience to see behind the scenes, and makes us very proud to be providing our ongoing support alongside such a passionate dedicated team.” For the next three months, look out for Waste Management NZ Ltd’s
sign on the nose cone.

Thank you to all our sponsors who proudly support the rescue
helicopter. We couldn’t take to the skies without you.