January missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over January.

Date Time Category Location Details
1 January 15:37 RCCNZ Whanganui Locate and winch female with broken ankle from Kayak trip up the Whanganui River.
4 January 12:41 ACC Waitotara Car roll over, stood down en route.
9 January 16:07 ACC Papariki Pick up male with head injuries.
10 January 11:52 ACC Mokau Pick up infant, due to a fall,transport to Taranaki Base Hospital.
11 January 15:49 TDHB Wellington Hospital Transport female to Wellington Hospital for specalist medical care.
12 January 11:58 RCCNZ Whanganui River Pick up mountain bike rider with shoulder injuries.
12 January 14:39 Police Mt Egmont Rescue male from the summit of Mt Egmont.
14 January 10:55 Ambulance Awakine Gorge Motor vehicle accident – stood down after 18 minutes flying.
15 January 11:09 Ambulance Mangamahu Male pinned and then released from horse, airlifted to Wanganui Hospital.
16 January 16:20 ACC Waikato Transfer burns patient to Waikato Hospital.
17 January 11:43 ACC Waikato Pick up patient from Hawera Hospital and transport to Waikato Hospital.
20 January 14:33 Ambulance Waverley Uplift patient from a quad bike accident and transport to Wanganui Hospital.
22 Januray 17:47 Police Okato Search and contact of overdue yacht.
22 January 23:04 ACC Waikato Transport child to Waikato with severe finger and thumb trauma.
23 January 17:18 TDHB Waikato Transport patient to Waikato following an heart attack during an operation.
26 January 14:24 ACC Mt Taranaki Winch male from Mt Taranaki due to a broken collar bone.
30 January 10:53 Ambulance Huiroa Respond to chainsaw accident and airlift to Taranaki Base Hospital.