July Missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over July.

2 July10:02Hawera HospitalTransport male with serious medical conditions to Taranaki Base Hospital.
4 July14:28Mt TaranakiTransport male with broken ankle, winched from track.
5 July13:56Hawera/Palmerston NorthTransport patient from Hawera to Palmerston North Hospital and transport second patient back to Taranaki Base Hospital.
7 July18:28MakahuBeacon activation, farmer become lost.  Night vision googles were used in this mission, male was located early in the morning, crew returned back to base at 1:54.
10 July15:00OhakuneAirlift patient as a result from a motor vehicle accident.
16 July12:59Mt TaranakiTransport child with fractured wrist from skifield to Taranaki Base Hospital.
17 July19:07ParitutuSearch conducted on and around Paritutu for missing person.
19 July9:20WhakapapaAirlift child with head injury.
19 July14:33WaikatoTransport female to Waikato Hospital for specialist treatment.
20 July16:09Mt TaranakiRescued 2 climbers after a 600m fall.
21 July14:50Stratford skifieldAirlifted female with back injuries to Taranaki Base Hospital.
22 July11:14TeWeraAirlift male with leg injuries to Taranaki Base Hospital.
22 July15:12WaikatoTransport patient to Waikato Hospital for specialist treatment.
25 July14:05AuroaAirlift critical patient to Taranaki Base Hospital.
27 July21:04HaweraAirlift baby from Hawera to Taranaki Base Hospital.