June Missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over June.

5 June15:00Waikato HospitalTransport female to Waikato Hospital for specalist treatment.
5 June16:40Taranaki Base HospitalTransport male to Taranaki Base Hospital.
8 June11:15New PlymouthPolice mission for crime scene.
12 June17:56OpunakeFemale fell from horse, sustained hip injuries.
14 June16:32AwakinoFemale fell from horse, sustained shoulder injuries.
15 June1:47OhakuneMotor vehicle accident, transport patient to Wanganui.
17 June18:16Te RotiHead on vehicle collision, transport patient to Taranaki Base Hospital.
27 June13:00Mt TaranakiAirlift skier off ski field with wrist injuries.
27 June16.45OhuraStood down on route.
28 June13:30WhangamomonaAirlift female with medical condition to Taranaki Base Hospital.