March missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over March.

1 March17:34HaweraMale fallen from roof onto ground, possible fractured femur.  Airlift to Taranaki Base Hospital.
2 March19:08Devonport Naval BaseMale diver transported to hypabaric unit for decompression illness.
6 March16:39WellingtonTransport male who was involved in a vehicle collison to Wellington Hospital for urgent surgery.
8 March14:07KinlochWinch a female from track after a mountain bike accident, airlifted to Waikato Hospital.
11 March10:40TaharoaMale fallen from truck, airlift to Waikato Hospital.
16 March15:36Mt TaranakiStretcher winch male from top of lizard after fall.  Head injuries sustained. Read Taranaki Daily News article.
16 March16:55HaweraTransfer male who was unconcious from trauma to the head from Hawera to Taranaki Base Hospital.
17 March12:09Awakino GorgeCar off bank at northern end of Awakino gorge.  1 women airlifted to Taranaki Base Hospital.
19 March8:54Awakino GorgeMotorcycle/ 4WD accident, patient airlifted directly to Waikato Hospital.
19 March17:02TakirimaMotorcyclist accident.
24 March13:37WaiouruTwo patients involved in separate trail bike accidents.
26 March8:41Aotuhia StationAirlift shearer with injuries to left arm to Taranaki Base.
27 March16:14OkatoWinch extraction of person from log above ravine. Read the Taranaki Daily News article.
28 March17:41Mt TaranakiResponded to Mt Taranaki to winch off a woman, suffering an ankle injury.
29 March11:15PukengahuAirlift a trial bike rider who had hit a bank at high speed.
29 March23:41KiorePick up 5 year old boy who suffered a head injury.
30 March13:00Mt TaranakiWinch a woman who had slipped and injured her leg in a riverbed.
30 March22:13Mt TaranakiSearch for missing tramper on west side of Mt Taranaki, stood down due to bad weather.
31 March8:02Mt TaranakiThe search was continued for the missing tramper up the Stoney River on Mt Taranaki.  He was found after 8.20am with no injuries.