October missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over October.

1 October2:44Mt TaranakiSearch for missing person, located at Holly Hut, transported back to Taranaki Base Hospital.
1 October13:54TuroaPick up young adult from Turoa skifield with spine injury, transport to Waikato Hospital.
4 October16:52TaharangiPick up tourist, transport to Taranaki Base Hospital.
5 October12:58WhakapapaRepsond to Whakapapa skifield, airlift two patients to Hospital.
6 October10:57ManaiaPick up person suffering from critical medical condition, transport to Taranaki Base Hospital.
6 October14:40Mt TaranakiWinch injured male from Mt Taranaki, transport to Taranaki Base Hospital.
6 October20:11Snapper Rock, New PlymouthWinch two persons who were stranded from Snapper Rock, New Plymouth.
7 OctoberTaumarunuiInfo to arrive