September missions

Here is a brief overview of the missions the Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter has engaged in over September.

Date Time Location Details
6  September 19:10 National Park Respond to Quad bike accident, transport patient to Hospital.
7 September 15:41 Awakino Respond to motor vehicle accident in Awakino, airlift pateint to Taranaki Base Hospital.
9 September 15:59 Hawera Respond to vehicle/bus accident, airlift child direct to Wellington Hospital.
13 September 15:07 Waikato Male sustained a critical finger injury, airlifted to Waikato Hospital.
15 September 13:12 Turoa Respond to female with spine injury at Turoa skifield, transport to Waikato Hospital.
15 September 16:06 Mt Messenger Respond to motor vehicle accident, transport mael to Taranaki Base Hospital.
17 September 10:58 Hawera Respond to female with anifalactic reaction, transport to Taranaki Base Hospital.
27 September 11:41 Rahotu Respond to tractor roll over, pinned but released before our arrival, transport to Taranaki Base Hospital.
28 September 18:48 New Plymouth marine Search for sighted person, this was presumably a buoy at sea.
29 September 17:15 Patea Respond to injured female at Patea Wharf, tranpsort to Taranaki Base Hospital.