Sold for a good cause

Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust

When the hammer went down on the first successful purchase at this year’s Tawanui Herefords sale, the proceeds were donated to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter. Janelle and Lance Downs who generously donated the money know more than most how far such a donation will go. Last year, the duo who run a 2,000 acre sheep and beef farm in rural East Taranaki needed the Rescue Helicopter not once, but twice in two months.

To show their appreciation for the outstanding service from the Rescue Helicopter the Downs donated all proceeds of the first bull at their annual Hereford Bull sale to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter.and raised $4,300.

Janelle and Lance also raised $3700 for the Rural Support Trust. Transport of the bull was also made free of charge thanks to the generosity of local trucking company Aitken Transport.

Thank you Janelle and Lance. Your generous donation from your annual bull auction will ensure we can continue to save lives and attend missions like your own, in remote rural areas of Taranaki.