The breath of life arrives for baby Mia

As Dineka Young held her lifeless baby daughter in her arms, she experienced a sense of calm. The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter had arrived on the scene and help was at hand.

Mia Young was just four months old when she stopped breathing and began turning blue. Frightened and fearful for her daughter’s life, Inglewood woman Dineka Young phoned 111. The fire crew responded within minutes and shortly afterwards, the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter landed on the family’s front lawn. The Rescue Helicopter was returning from another job and was overhead Waitara when the call came in. With only a five minute flight time from Waitara to Inglewood, the team were quickly on the scene.

“It was extremely stressful and I was freaking out, but the crew just came in and took over,” recalls Dineka. “They knew what they were doing and were a voice of calm in a distressing situation.

“It was incredibly hard as a mother to let go of my daughter and place her in someone else’s hands, but Mia couldn’t have been in better hands. The crew knew what they were doing and soon had Mia breathing again.”

You never think it’s going to be you

Mia suffered from a medical condition causing her to vomit and subsequently choke. There was only a very short time between her symptoms appearing and her beginning to choke making for a very anxious time for everyone.

“This was the second time Mia had stopped breathing and after the Rescue Helicopter dropped us off at Taranaki Base Hospital, Mia spent four days receiving antibiotics via an IV drip,” says Dineka.

“Each episode is extremely frightening and all rational thoughts went out the window on that day. The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter crew were amazing. I can’t speak highly enough about them.

“We hadn’t ever donated to the Helicopter before, but we do now and we’re proud to be a FRIEND of the Trust. You don’t ever think it’s going to be you, and then it is.”