TOI Foundation supports Rescue Helicopter

The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust is hopeful for a new Christmas present in the form of the new BK117 helicopter.

“We’re looking forward to receiving the new helicopter in time for the busy summer season,” says Trust Chair Evan Cottam.

The impending arrival of the BK117 aligns Taranaki’s aircraft with the rest of the joint venture fleet, removing the challenges associated with switching between aircrafts and allows for consistent maintenance planning across the fleet, with parts available in New Zealand.

And in a boost to 2022 operations the TOI Foundation has approved a generous grant of $150,000 which will cover the costs of the lease of the new helicopter above the threshold of the government contract, as well as the labour component of maintenance.

“We’re extremely thankful to the TOI Foundation for this grant. It offsets an additional cost that we previously did not have, which means we can still focus on our target of raising over $1 million from the community to continue to deliver our rescue services,” says Cottam.

The TOI Foundation was formerly known as the TSB Community Trust and Chief Executive Maria Ramsay notes the Foundation has supported the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust as far back as 1996.

“The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust provides an essential 24/7 search and rescue service and also an emergency air ambulance to the full Taranaki community, this is vital for our region given our location and geography.  As a Foundation we are committed to supporting our community and this service is being needed more and more.”

The receipt of the TOI Foundation grant is a positive end to another challenging year for the Trust, which suffered a reduction in fundraising opportunity of around $100,000 following the cancellation of the annual Flying High Lunch.

However, despite the setbacks Cottam remains upbeat about 2022, with the Taranaki spirit continuing to support the life-saving service that the Rescue Helicopter provides.

“We remain grateful to all our sponsors, funders, and donors who support TRHT to deliver this essential service.”


For more information contact:

Evan Cottam, Chairman Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust
0274 525 573
[email protected]

About TOI Foundation

TOI Foundation (formerly TSB Community Trust) has a holding company that owns and monitors the foundation’s key assets: 100% of TSB Bank Ltd (TSB) and a controlling share in Fisher Funds Management Ltd (Fisher Funds). Each year, TSB and Fisher Funds pay dividends to the holding company. The holding company then pays dividends to TOI Foundation. These dividends enable the foundation to complete its philanthropic work. Therefore, if people bank with TSB and have their KiwiSaver with Fisher Funds, they contribute in a supportive and measurable way to the community.